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Arcane Wilds offers a new perspective on the RTS genre. Resources such as supplies and essence remain local at their gathering site and must be transported to the location they are being used at. This also means that resources can be stolen from enemies.


  • Gather supplies to access more troops and build your base. Harvest essence to cast powerful spells and research technologies.
  • Defeat mighty creatures for powerful relics and additional resources.
  • Order shipments of troops, workers and vehicles from any harbor you control.

Three Asymmetric Factions

  • Army: Powerful arsenal of exceptionally trained units. Their low mobility is easily compensated by their high range and the superb fire power of their cannons.
  • Colony: A thrown together gang of gunslingers. Explosive barrels and dynamite complete the rapid firing of gatling guns to create a well rounded force.
  • Tribe: Fast, agile units and movable structures. Medicine men and shamans inflict devastating chaos among enemies.

Competitive Game Mode

  • Win by crushing your opponents or by snatching relics.
  • Play on handcrafted skirmish maps with or without AI.
  • Online or LAN for up to 8 players.

Cooperative Game Mode

  • Customizable factions derived from the three base factions with a progression system.
  • Random generated maps in three unique biomes.
  • Play together with up to 4 players.